Sara and John: 9.26.09

Blue. Hill. Stone. Barns.

Four syllables, and that’s really all Sarah had to say to get me psyched for this wedding. Great food is one thing, but great food made from a farm about fifty feet away and prepared by exquisitely trained chefs? Bring it on.

It was the perfect venue for the sort of wedding Sarah and John wanted. Low-key, focused on food and friends and family and more food. The guest count was small, the reception was calm but filled with personal warmth, and every bit was tasteful.

We began the day at the Soho salon where Sarah works, and it was great to see all of these professionals, who prepare brides all the time, getting so emotional for the wedding of their dear friend. It was well worth the wedding party having to brave New York Sunday traffic to get to the ceremony.

Congratulations on a day that was tasteful, classy, and delicious.

Flash composite, but that sky is all real.

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geneoh - love the salon shot. amazing.

jeffrey chan tin - dude! your work is such an inspiration! i still can’t believe that i actually never checked out your site, though i even always see you on flickr :[ Well, not anymore!

rachael - I always peek at your work via flickr or facebook…first time at the blog (blah, I know). I love this wedding…I love how you have captured every moment. Your photos are not trendy or vogue-ish they are just so beautifully real, I LOVE it!

rachael - lol…o.k, I didn’t mean anything by the vogue-ish statment…just that your stuff isn’t overly photo-shopped ;) Hope no offense was taken.

Gemma Schipani - You always seem to choose the perfect song for the slideshows! Beautiful words to go with beautiful images.