Kindiya and Thomas: 9.5.09

There ain’t no party like a neuroscientist party because a neuroscientist party don’t stop!

Kindiya and Thomas are, well, awesome. The second a budding but brilliant scientist showed up to our engagement shoot in leather pants, I knew it was ON, and their wedding at the fantastic Foundry was no exception.

How many people could pull off a dance* to a Nine Inch Nails’ Closer at the wedding? Not everyone will do all the planning it takes to surprise the groom with a secret cigar bar on the upstairs terrace, setting the scene by the bride smoking a cigar herself though she loathes them.

Incredible night, incredible people, and it was great to see them again at my studio opening!

*Not the first dance

090905-152131 38 mm.jpg
090905-161109 24.0 mm f_7.1.jpg
090905-201504 35 mm.jpg
090905-210230 35 mm.jpg
090905-223546 50 mm.jpg
090905-224257 50 mm.jpg
090905-231109 24 mm.jpg
090905-231511 26 mm.jpg
090905-234501 27 mm.jpg
090906-000908 24 mm.jpg

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