Nicole and Joe: 9/9/09

I was on my way back from Washington DC in the last days of August when I got a call from Nicole. “Hi, we’re having a wedding on September 9, and I was wondering if you were available?”

“Let me just check my 2010 calendar,” I said, “September dates sometimes book pretty early…”

“No,” she said. “September 9, 2009.”

As you may have been able to tell, I’ve had a pretty full schedule this year, so I was prepared to break bad news when it hit me — this was a Wednesday.

Indeed, the power of 9/9/09 was so great that this fabulous, multi-stage wedding was put together in an extremely short period of time, Wednesday or not. And fabulous it was — with the bride in unaltered 109-year-old dress and the groom with cravat. The ceremony and first reception was at the gorgeous (but 30 years younger than the gown) Riverside Church in Morningside Heights with a second reception and eventual after-party at Kittichai. I enjoyed every moment.


Ryan Brenizer Photography


Ryan Brenizer Photography


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Marci and Jason, 9.6.09

I mentioned in an earlier post how good it is for a photographer to have a happy client list filled with chiropractors. Well, if there’s anything better than that, it’s Jason — he’s a lawyer who represents photographers rights! Just TRY to stop me the next time I photograph a couple in the subway, authority figures!

It was a lovely wedding and ceremony at Temple Sinai in Roslyn, NY. If I had any advice for people who want a stress-free wedding, the easiest way is to keep the whole day in the same place, and it helped make this just a relaxed, fun affair — plus, as you will see, we had some fun in the Temple library.

(Even funnier if you’ve seen Airplane)
EXIT signs are usually a bane to photographers, but I decided to go with it here to further the feeling of solitude

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Love and Mansions

Ryan Brenizer Photography

I thought this worked for a Halloween wedding.

Another flash composite — five frames with the Sb-900, one for couple through Lumiquest SoftBox and two on each wall, one bare and one with softbox.

I know I’ve been on a composite kick here but, well, they’re pretty cool. For my full body of work, which is mostly photojournalistic, don’t forget my slideshows!

UPDATE: As per the comments, those are not stitching errors on the walls, just a bit of a perspective trick where the wall juts out a few inches. I thought they were at first, too.