Jessica and Matthew’s wedding featured in ESSENCE!

I’ve been so busy doing what I can for my wonderful clients that I’ve never submitted my work to a single publication — probably what led to the DWF feature on me last month hailing me as a “hidden treasure.” Given that, it’s always exciting when someone else does it for me! Jessica and Matthew’s wonderful wedding has been featured in ESSENCE magazine — see the set here!

You can see my post on the wedding with photos and slideshow here.

The “No-Input Internet” experiment

The 24-inch iAltar

It’s probably no surprise that a guy with a Web column and almost 10,000 pending Flickr friend requests is kind of into the Internet. (I’ll get around to re-adding you guys someday, I promise!) But I don’t know if it’s simple age, life experience, or brain chemicals that finally made me realize that I don’t actually enjoy random Internet browsing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the Internet — it’s amazing. The potential for discovery of new and awesome photography is revolutionary. The WSJ’s Photo of the Day site alone is one of the most well-curated and amazing collections of photography I’ve ever seen, and it’s just stuff that happened yesterday!

But oh, you tempting hyperlinks. You start off at one really useful page, and it links to another, and then another, and before you know it you’re reading a Wikipedia link about the mating habits of the three-toed sloth.

The problem is, what do you do with extra time, a concept I am barely familiar with in the first place? Let’s face it — before Westerners wasted time on the Internet we weren’t all reading Sarte and doing one-handed push-ups. We were wasting time in front of the TV. So I’m taking a week to experiment. I’ll publish any interesting discoveries or photos I happen to take that I wouldn’t have taken otherwise here. Right now this is coinciding with a workout kick, so I find myself of being in the strange position of getting an urge to go to the gym right after I’ve left the gym. If you see me at a wedding and my arms accidentally rip through my shirt, blame this experiment.

Of course, what does it mean for someone with a Web column and a blog to go off-Internet? Not only do I genuinely enjoy posting, it’s my job. There are couples who can’t wait to see themselves here! So I will treat the Internet only as an output device for a week. I’ll blog, Tweet, update Facebook, check e-mail, but I won’t read the Internet other than basic New York Times headlines.

Experiences begin below:

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