Jaime and James: 9.18.09

I talk to clients a lot about how I try to personalize weddings, and make sure that the story I’m telling is the story of how it felt to be there that day, and what made their wedding different than other weddings, not just “oh well, another wedding, let’s do pose #352.”

And so this is instructive: Jamie and James were married at Battery Gardens … which you’ve seen in my very last wedding post (in fact, I shoot at Battery Gardens more than any other venue). But it was a unique and wonderful wedding in its own way, and the story the photos tell is very different.

I had a great time spending the morning with Jamie’s family, who was hilarious. I always know a couple is laid back when I enter the bridal prep room and the groom is casually wandering in and out. The first spot they had in mind of formals was State Park land, and as you may not know if you haven’t shot in NYC, whenever you wander into the little slivers of State Park land with a camera and it looks like you’re making money, at least three park rangers will come to stop you within 60 seconds — but none of that broke our stride.

But as you’ll soon see, Jamie and James they were not laid back when it came to the dance floor, and I had a great time with with couple.












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Dara and Chris, 9.13.09

If all of my clients, potential clients, and especially Dara and Chris themselves could skip the next paragraph, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I really shouldn’t get paid to have as much fun as I did shooting Dara and Chris’s wedding.

OK, where were we? Dara and Chris had a great daytime wedding at the Battery Gardens, one of my favorite venues. What they did not know is that the date they chose was the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson discovering the area, and that their wedding would be attended by a marching band and pirate ships! Luckily for all involved, the rock concert next door was not in full swing during the ceremony.

Dara and Chris were so much fun, and as you’ll be able to tell from some of the photos below and the slideshow, they were up for anything. I was assisted at this wedding by Dustin Finn, who got some hilarious shots, and the ever-present Brendan McGinley.







090913-125802-24 mm.jpg





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