On Facebook, nomenclature, and getting bloggy

I think about twenty minutes after declaring on one of my two favorite wedding photography forums that I would never, ever start a Facebook Business Page, I started a Facebook Business Page. You can find it here.

Why? Technical issues. When I post preview photos after each wedding (and, for the 2010 season, I will also post previews after each engagement or portrait shoot), having a Page makes it much easier for people to see all the photos, even if they don’t have a Facebook account, and I don’t have to approve anyone to comment. All they have to do is “become a fan” of my page in one click.

Which was the my problem in the first place. I network with a lot of other professional photographers, and the last thing I want to ever have to do is suggest that they should “become fans” of mine. I’ve been using a personal Facebook account all along, because I’d much rather have people call themselves friends. I love the work of so many photographers — every day my RSS feed is filled with stunning new work — but these are my colleagues, not my idols, and I don’t consider myself to be of any different class of person than any other working photographer. In other words, it’s about the work, not about me.

I’ll make an exception for Joe McNally. Not only is his body of work simply ludicrous, but the way he thinks about photography, the art and the work, that skills and artistry need to go hand in hand, resonates deeply with me, and, well, the guy is really, really funny. Still, though, I know I’ve gotten a couple commissions he would have gone nuts over. It’s the photos, not the photographer.

So click “become a fan” if you feel like commenting, but I’ll still consider you a friend. Plus you can always “become a friend” at my sometimes wacky personal Facebook profile.

I’m planning to make my online presence more blog-centric, to intersperse the photos on here with a bit more of myself. I love it when I can feel close to clients on a personal level, and they feel like they understand me a bit. Relationships and comfort are so important in this business, and they make photos better. So I will (probably) not bother you with what I had for lunch, but I will likely write mose philosophically about issues in photography, seeing, and feeling in general.

(I had quiche for lunch).

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  1. That is the most amazing halloween wedding ever! These photos are gorgeous, really fun and colourful and they make eveything look so exciting!

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