Nicole and Joe: 9/9/09

I was on my way back from Washington DC in the last days of August when I got a call from Nicole. “Hi, we’re having a wedding on September 9, and I was wondering if you were available?”

“Let me just check my 2010 calendar,” I said, “September dates sometimes book pretty early…”

“No,” she said. “September 9, 2009.”

As you may have been able to tell, I’ve had a pretty full schedule this year, so I was prepared to break bad news when it hit me — this was a Wednesday.

Indeed, the power of 9/9/09 was so great that this fabulous, multi-stage wedding was put together in an extremely short period of time, Wednesday or not. And fabulous it was — with the bride in unaltered 109-year-old dress and the groom with cravat. The ceremony and first reception was at the gorgeous (but 30 years younger than the gown) Riverside Church in Morningside Heights with a second reception and eventual after-party at Kittichai. I enjoyed every moment.


Ryan Brenizer Photography


Ryan Brenizer Photography


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Daniel Stark - WOW! Brenz, you nailed it! Lovin’ your high ISO images–killer!

Gemma Schipani - I’m in love with the photo of their heads together in the pews. I love your colours. And the ceremony low light!

brett maxwell - yeah, awesome job of finding the light, even when it’s nearly pitch dark

Brandon M Sweet - You did a wonderful job here! I love the Ceremony shot from behind.

-Brandon M Sweet

steven cox - Every day i log onto flickr to see if you’ve posted on there and i get all giddy when you have. This wedding is one of my favourites… the church looked fab and was captured beautifully, the couple looked lovely and you can tell that you had fun on this one just by the quality of every shot. thanks for being an inspiration to me.

Marianne Wilson - Awesome stuff! I had a 9-9-09 wedding too that was super fun :)

Kat Forsyth - That cathedral shot blows my mind!