Kat and Zak: 10.3.09

Oh, Internet, you tricky beast. Kat told me that when she stumbled across my site from an Internet search, she said “This is exactly what I’m looking for! We found him! Good thing he lives in Washington D.C.!”

“… oh, wait.”

Luckily, they decided to work with me despite my New Yorkerness, because I had such a great time with the both of them. My second double-architect wedding recently, there’s just something about the meticulous but creative types that makes for fantastic energy. Plus, you have to admit, they’re freaking adorable.

The ceremony was at the gorgeous St. Mary of the Mills Church in Laurel, MD, and the reception was at the elegant — and architecturally interesting — Sequoia in Washington, D.C.

091003-084719 24.0 mm f_2.0.jpg

091003-112027 135.0 mm f_2.0.jpg

091003-114628 135.0 mm f_2.jpg

First time I’ve seen this. Kat, you’re awesome.

091003-115158 135.0 mm f_2.jpg

091003-123406 24.0 mm f_22.jpg

091003-124525 24.0 mm f_22.jpg

091003-142147 35.0 mm f_9.jpg

091003-142852 24.0 mm f_2.jpg

091003-153244 24.0 mm f_2.jpg

091003-153931 135.0 mm f_2.jpg

091003-160027 24.0 mm f_1.jpg

I know I like to set up similar shots, but this was candid. They actually lift and spin on their own.

091003-162354 24.0 mm f_2.jpg

091003-172146 135.0 mm f_2.jpg

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10 thoughts on “Kat and Zak: 10.3.09”

  1. Nice shots Ryan. Is it one shot/one flash for the groomsmen shot? I’d like to figure that kind of shot out.

  2. hey! i was a newspaper reporter in laurel for three years! and i live just in the next town now!
    love the light in these images! and the smiles :)

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