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Ryan Brenizer Photography

A girl plays on the edge of a dance floor at yesterday’s wedding. Lit by a stray sunbeam.

Gemma Schipani - Gorgeous! Don’t you just find and capture the perfect moments?! Right place, right time!

Dennis Pike - I think you may have the ability to bend light to your discretion

David Redding - Dude! You have the eye for moments…There are very few shooters working today in the wedding industry that have the eyes, technical skill and speed to grab the truly memorable moments….The moments that are completely over looked by most….You sir are one of those shooters!

Thomas Lester - Stupid good as usual, Ryan!

Brad O'Connor - Beautiful shot Ryan, where do you come up with this stuff! Thanks for sharing your techniques with the Photography world.

Steve Z - Nice catch!

Lincoln - Hey Ryan,

I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and there’s always at least one photo in each set that inspires me. Since I’m often shooting my kids, I can really appreciate you catching moments like the one in this post. Thanks for continuing to share with us and all the best for the future.