Dara and Chris, 9.13.09

If all of my clients, potential clients, and especially Dara and Chris themselves could skip the next paragraph, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I really shouldn’t get paid to have as much fun as I did shooting Dara and Chris’s wedding.

OK, where were we? Dara and Chris had a great daytime wedding at the Battery Gardens, one of my favorite venues. What they did not know is that the date they chose was the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson discovering the area, and that their wedding would be attended by a marching band and pirate ships! Luckily for all involved, the rock concert next door was not in full swing during the ceremony.

Dara and Chris were so much fun, and as you’ll be able to tell from some of the photos below and the slideshow, they were up for anything. I was assisted at this wedding by Dustin Finn, who got some hilarious shots, and the ever-present Brendan McGinley.







090913-125802-24 mm.jpg





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Dustin Finn - Brendan Rules…

Brendan McGinley - You’re wrong, Dustin rules.

Ela Jakiela - These are really awesome photos, Ryan. I wonder, how much easier it is to shoot natually beautiful and photogenic people? Shooting Dara, was it a piece of cake?

Ryan Brenizer - Dara definitely made it easy because she had such a good spirit. Just having a good time is the most important thing.

Gemma Schipani - I miss the ‘brenizer border’ :)