Engagement: Colleen and Steve

I don’t usually have enough time to post engagement shoots in a methodical way on here, but boy oh boy have I been doing them, and loving them. They’re a central part to one of my most important goals — making the couple feel as comfortable as possible with the process of photography (and learning to ignore said process) on the day of the wedding.

So, here’s a taste from an engagement shoot with Colleen and Steve in Brooklyn Heights:

090903-180905 28 mm.jpg
090903-181500 24 mm.jpg
090903-183518 52 mm.jpg
090903-184907 135 mm.jpg
090903-185757 50 mm.jpg
090903-190442 50 mm.jpg
090903-190853 50 mm.jpg
090903-192232 24 mm.jpg

He said he loved the air conditioners as a pattern, she said this was a typical reaction of hers.


(“Brenizer method” panorama)

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