Gothic Wedding, old-school-style

Ryan Brenizer Photography

…and not just because they’re not wearing facepaint. The bride is wearing an unaltered 109-year-old dress!

Over at End User, I have done a review of Nikon’s new 35mm f/1.8, which I took this photo with. No vignetting was removed from this photo in post. Find out what I think!

Joseph Yarrow - Ryan, if you say this lens is good, I’m sure its good. Great review, loved it.
Seeing as I add a vignette to allot of my images, this lens will do me just fine! =)
Thank you

Daniel Stark - awesome image! i think i pretty much have the canon equivalent 35mm 2.0. works ok but it sounds like there’s a bug trapped inside when you focus.

Terri - Beautiful! #haitirelief