Emilie and Noel: 8.15.09

I’d been looking forward to Emilie and Noel’s wedding the moment they said the words “former professional dancer,” and “I have a bridal dress made for spinning.” Nothing brings energy to a wedding like centripetal force, and this one had it in spades.

Held at the luxurious Montauk Club, not only did Emilie and Noel have one of the best first dances I’ve ever seen, but threw a fantastic cultural affair paying homage to her Basque heritage. I really like the idea of starting out a meal with a table already laid out with bread, cheese and wine. The idea is that by getting people to break bread and pour wine, you are already starting conversations and breaking tension — which may be why the party was so much fun.


Ryan Brenizer Photography


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Kirsten - A *REAL* blog now, not just Amazon… whoa. This will be my new favorite blog!!!

Beautiful pictures as always Ryan.

Dennis Pike - doesn’t spinning usually create centrifugal force not centripetal?

How did you light her in the one in front of the flat iron building? the light seems to be from way to large a light source to be a speedlight.

Great stuff, btw

Chris Lin - Dennis, centrifugal force is an illusion in non-inertial reference frames. ;-)

Ryan Brenizer - White Lightning 1600 through an umbrella.

Kyle - That’s nothing but pure unadulterated joy on the bride’s face dancing with her new husband. What a beautiful capture, Ryan.

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Jon - You’ll be as good as me one day Ryan! Seriously though, super cool

Claudia Aguerre - Ryan, we are soo excited about Emilie and Noels wedding pictures. You are an amazing, stunning photographer and we can’t wait to see more! Thank you for the beautiful photographic memories that you have created from our daughters wedding day. From the mother of the Bride, Claudia

Kat Forsyth - Great pictures of the dancing bride! The one outside with the flare is amazing! “Her leg is WHERE?” was my exact thought :-)

Joe Sanfilippo - That was an awesome slideshow- Awesome wedding!Beautiful work!

Emilie Aguerre - Looking at the slideshow, which I haven’t done in a while, brings me back to our beautiful day. Wonderful thing you’re doing for the victims in Haiti…for #haitirelief.