Geeky, Part 1: Samsung 30-inch monitor unpacking

Based on what I shot last year, and that business is even higher this year, I figure I might shoot more than 200,000 photos in 2009. That’s a lot of photos to process. So I’ve put in some major upgrades to my computer system. My screaming fast Mac Pro is still being put together, but my new Samsung 305T 30-inch monitor is in! I know there’s a lot of debate about whether it’s better to have one giant screen or multiple monitors, but I’m not that much of a multitasker, and a lot of my most-used programs, like Lightroom, have singe-window interfaces. Now I can select, say. 25 images on a screen and still see enough detail to know which ones I want to keep and which are b-list.

Anyway, for my fellow geeks out there, here are some unboxing shots.



Top of the box. Not too many cables — if you’re looking for an HDMI connection, you might want to try another model.


The cables, together.



I assure you that’s a normal-sized stove.


I’ll be running it from my Macbook Pro until the new beast arrives.

For the photography-geeks out there, those last two are also a lesson in how wide-angle perspective distortion can make objects look bigger or smaller.