Quick housekeeping

I’ve noticed a bunch of people leaving comments on my wordpress blog, and I really appreciate it … except it’s not a “real” blog. It only exists to funnel personal posts into my Amazon blog without broadcasting it to Amazon’s main page (anything I post directly to Amazon gets posted to the main blog). To see all of my content without truncated images, you have to go to http://www.amazon.com/ryanbrenizer or follow the RSS feed there.

A Typical Day in my Life

The title is a ruse: I rarely have anything like a “typical” day.

I know there’s a lot of interest among photography enthusiasts about “what would it be like to do what I love for a living?” Here’s just a snapshot of what my life is like:

8:00: Wake-up, check through e-mail, answering replies and moving things along with about 10 different clients.

9:30: Get on a train for a quick shoot at Fordham University, one of my favorite corporate clients (and my undergraduate alma mater). I planned to arrive there early, which is a good thing because there was a fire on the track, holding me up for half an hour. Preparation kept me from keeping the former New Jersey governor waiting.

11:45: Head into the city for a meeting with a previous wedding client discussing options for professional albums (see her wedding slideshow here)

1:00 p.m.: Especially after the morning’s track fire, I decide to show up for my evening job WAY early. I take the subway down to southern Brooklyn, find a hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant that kindly seats me next to a power outlet, and use my laptop to process photos, including the slideshow for Shanté and Akili.

4:30: The day’s big job, an opening of a major research center for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Mayor Bloomberg gets a tour and speaks. A philanthropist himself, he seems genuinely interested in the work the researchers are doing.

Midnight: Get home, scan through e-mail again. Send off a wedding album order that has final approval, process some quick selections for commercial clients, and book a flight to Florida for a destination wedding.

And that was a Wednesday. Things really pick up on weekends. The short answer for “should I become a professional photographer” is “are you passionate enough about it that you can work on other people’s schedules and projects, all day, every day?”

I certainly am, but I’m a bit crazy.

Shante and Akili: 10/3/08

Surgeons in Love

Mea culpa. I’ve been racing so fast to get photos and products to my wonderful clients that I haven’t had the time to properly tell their stories here. I have a lot to say, though, so I’m going to try an interesting challenge: I will post something to this blog here every day for the next 25 days (behavioral theorists will note that’s long enough for an action to become habit-forming). Some of it will be discussion of photography tech, some of it will be tips, and some of it will be write-ups of the fantastic weddings and events I’ve been lucky to shoot, such as the fantastic wedding of Shanté and Akili.

Talk about a power couple: BOTH Shanté and Akili are surgeons. It’s only fitting that a young couple who has worked so hard to get where they are got married at a castle — the gorgeous Lyndhurst Manor in Tarrytown, NY.

If you have the time, I strongly recommend viewing the full slideshow of the wedding. Both of them looked awesome, and the party was energetic, to say the least.