A New World

A New World

I featured Emily and Jeffrey here not long ago when they got engaged, showing off the “bokeh panorama” technique I invented, so what better than to do it again when they were married? To turn the Christmas lights behind them into a fiery glow, this image is actually the product of 17 images taken with a wide-open 85mm f/1.4 on a Nikon D700. This allows for a much shallower depth of field than you’d normally get at this frame of view (not to mention that you could basically make a print the size of a billboard from this).

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4 thoughts on “A New World”

  1. Hi, Ryan, I’m still curious about the technique you’re mentioning: you’re saying this is a combination of 17(!) images — did they have to freeze for a dozen seconds while you were snapping the series? Or how do you do this?

  2. How do you handle the movement of the people while taking that many photos?

    I’m guessing either the D700 is either super fast or the people are in one central image while the rest of the photos make up the background?

  3. Hi.
    Big fan of your work. Is there any-chance of gaining further insight into the technique you used in this photograph?

    Also, what is the secret to your colours!

    (UK London)

  4. ryan – i am still curious about this technique – how do they stand PERFECTLY still while you are shooting off 17 frames? shouldn’t there be some motion blur? PLEASE explain! i’m dying to know!

    ps – thank you for sharing your incredible work and your process… i love your pictures and come back again and again for your insight and enthusiasm. it’s really a great thing that you do. i’m inspired.

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