Monthly Archives: November 2008

A New World

I featured Emily and Jeffrey here not long ago when they got engaged, showing off the “bokeh panorama” technique I invented, so what better than to do it again when they were married? To turn the Christmas lights behind them into a fiery glow, this image is actually the product of 17 images taken with […]

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Storm's a-comin'

Another from my shoot with Dr. Jim Fisher, author of the forthcoming “On the Irish Waterfront.” Shooting notes: This shot uses the wonder of Auto-FP mode on the SB-900, which uses rapidfire pulses instead of a single flash to allow syncing at any shutter speed, even, as I used here, 1/8000th of a second (to […]

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Eva and Cris: 10.4.08

Who knew that a couple who works in international policy could be so darned hot? I knew this would be a great wedding after Eva, Cris and I had a fun, very New York engagement shoot, and the wedding day itself was also as Manhattan as it can be: the ceremony and reception were at […]

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