Sebastian and Christina, a Love Story

Stopping Traffic

Sebastian and Christina know how to stop traffic. I had so much fun with this couple, both during the engagement shoot and during the wedding (coming soon!). Any serious or romantic shots had to be taken in the split seconds that they weren’t laughing their heads off, cracking each other (and me) up the whole time.

I’m always up for some new locations, so I was excited to learn that they had met in Whole Foods. I’ve always wanted to do shoots in department stores and supermarkets, but they’re notoriously touchy about cameras, so a light, photojournalistic set-up was definitely a plus here.

Presenting Sebastian and Christina!

Stars of Stage and Screen

flickr_080613-190642 24 mm

flickr_080613-192235 35 mm copy

flickr_080613-193811 125 mm copy

080613-195303 32 mm

I told them to pose next to this tree, and instead they tried to knock it down. At least they’re working together.

For Their Eyes Only

flickr_080613-203234 26 mm

flickr_080613-205521 85 mm copy

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