Dana and Wes, May 31, 2008

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Dana and Wes made sure their wedding was a good time right from the start, arranging for transportation for all of their guests to and from the ceremony in Nyack, NY (which Wes’s family helped found in the 1600s!) Not having to drive made sure that people could get to know each other … and loosen up a bit … before the party even started. And what a party. The reception was on a yacht circling Manhattan and Liberty Island, and though it was large I’m amazed that the guests gyrations didn’t make it rock harder than it did.

You really can’t get nicer than this couple. How nice were they? They got me a wedding present!

Congratulations Dana and Wes!

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  1. While most photogs concentrate on photoshopping faces-I think the bride might have appreciated it-if you had done some work in her underarm folds.

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