Timoria and Bob engagement session

I knew that Timoria, a fantastic make-up artist, was going to come prepared for this engagement session, but I had no idea how prepared! Not only did they have multiple changes of clothing, but they had it planned out how they could safely shift from one to the other in public. We wanted to create a New York story for them, so we started at the Battery Gardens, where they will be getting married, to Times Square.

I am not sure if it’s possible to have more fun on an engagement session than we had.

It had to be done

Timoria practices her craft

Presenting Jennifer and Scott

This was such a wonderful wedding. From a venue (the Burden Mansion), which felt more like a Roman villa than the Upper East Side, to a bride and groom with more joyful tears than I’ve ever seen to the craziest horah in human history, it was a joy to tag along with Carlos Andres Varela on this wedding. I haven’t second-shot a wedding in years, and it was wonderful to have the freedom of schedule to try new things. You can see a slideshow of my photos from the wedding here, but here are some favorites:

Link to slideshow