Depending on your definition, this Saturday I shot either my shortest or my longest wedding. Lane and Eva had a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn Heights, but their reception won’t be until the fall. So this was just an hour or so of coverage, and then I mingled with guests at his apartment afterward … and, although not required, I couldn’t resist taking some more photos.

All I can say about Lane and Eva is that I’m glad I’m about to get married myself … anyone the least bit cynical about love might have to rethink themselves after seeing how clearly these two glow in each others’ presence. When they tell the detailed, funny story of how they met, it’s easy to see that they’ve already written the first chapter of a long, interesting story.

This was my first wedding with the Nikon D3, and it performed like a champ. If you look carefully through wedding photographers’ portfolios, you’ll find that ceremonies generally take up a fairly small fraction. That’s because there are a lot of constraints, light is poor, many of the shots are fairly standard, etc. So doing a shoot that’s just a ceremony is an artistic challenge, but I’m very happy with the results. The church was one of the very darkest I’ve shot in — about as dark as a room lit only by small votive candles, but the images are very clean. Before the ceremony, the groomsmen waited in a room that was pitch black except for one small light bulb, but I took it as an opportunity to play with hard, dramatic light.

This wedding was 100 percent photojournalistic; I never positioned the couple in any way.

Presenting Lane and Eva:

Now *that’s* a kiss


Lane, Eva, and Lane’s son finish the night with a group embrace.

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  1. great shots! i loveeeeee it man.
    if u dont mind me asking ,how do you make those frame?
    those vintage kind of frame?


  2. Querido amigo gringo,

    Estamos todas muito felizes por vcs, a Eva é uma verdadeira Eva!!! e voces formam o casal mais harmonioso que conheço. Que Deus os abençoe nessa nova etapa das suas vidas, com muito amor, compreensão e respeito. Um beijo grande pra todos, vc a Eva e o Jack.


  3. Just came from your post on DWF. I really like these! I can feel the warmth between the husband and wife – despite the cold weather ;-)
    Thanks for sharing these,
    wendy g

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