Heather and Noam — engagment session

I met this great couple through Heather’s mother, the head of a design firm I’ve worked with. It’s quite an honor for someone who works with photographers for a living to turn to you when it really counts! They’re really a great couple, and we had a fantastic time even though the weather was freezing. My big, sturdy professional gear has one big disadvantage here: It’s all metal, so it quickly becomes an icicle. But we soldiered on, and they can look back at these images on a cold day during their summer wedding (which I will also be shooting).

This first shot will be used by Lensbabies as part of their international advertising! More news as I see what they do with it:

Focus on Love

They really love Brooklyn, so I tried to work in some of their favorite haunts and the feeling of the city into this shoot.

Morning Routine

Under the Arch

That Look

As the City Melts Away

Why Don't You Come Up and See Me Sometime?

Ring Me Up

I've hit the New York Trifecta!

Birth of Venus … and Adonis

The New York Post ran a wedding story with one of my photos in it on Sunday, Jan. 13. This means I’ve now had photos in all three major New York papers — the New York Times, the Daily News, and now the Post. Time Out New York (kids), too — can you hear me knocking, New York Magazine?

I gave them a large amount of photos to choose from and, as is part of the natural arrangement between photographers and editors, they took my least favorite one. But let’s pretend they used the one above. Noah and Allison were such a great couple to work with, and I’m glad to see their wedding in print!